Mobility Platform Consulting

The foundation for the mobilization
of business processes.

What is the advantage of a mobility platform?

Mobile solutions are established in most companies. To avoid fragmentation in the mobility sector, a universal mobile infrastructure should be established, which is the core of the mobile strategy. Using a Mobility Platform ensures that all company-relevant information can be processed on a mobile basis using the existing interfaces. The challenge is to integrate various enterprise platforms and connect to the backend systems (e.g. CRM, SRM or database server). In addition, the Mobility Platform enables companies to create and manage mobile applications directly.

Functions of a Mobility Platform

A Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is a unified platform on which applications can be developed and managed. To distribute the developed applications to employees according to the user groups, a Mobile Application Management (MAM) is required. It provides features for managing enterprise-specific applications. The distribution of each application is ultimately managed by an Enterprise App Store (EAS). The apps can be distributed independently from a third party store to defined employees quickly and reliably. Integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures defined user behaviour by means of controlling and security mechanisms and allows the deletion of sensitive data after the loss of an individual mobile devices.

Our Service
  • Integration of a mobility platform into an existing infrastructure
  • Evaluating the optimal mobility platform
  • Integration of existing backend systems
  • Selection of the appropriate components of a mobility platform
  • Analysis of the relevant business segments
  • Basis for decisions on the use of a mobility platform
  • Mobility Platform Benchmark

If you have any further questions about the adoption of a Mobility Platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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