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Mobilization of business processes

Enterprise Mobility enables new dimensions of IT alignment. M-Way Consulting develops an integrated mobility strategy in collaboration with its clients. Prerequisite for the introduction of a mobile strategy is an intelligent enterprise mobility management. Initially, the competitive environment of each client is analyzed to identify the market potentials and possible action points for mobilization. This approach ensures a long-term planning and investments protection. Great improvement opportunities consist in the mobilization of workflows and new channels for the company’s employees, and most importantly, the customers. This requires analyses and processes to be redesigned in terms of enterprise mobility. All tasks are performed in compliance with people, technologies and processes. Through a perfectly balanced Enterprise Mobility Management, the success of enterprises increases strongly.

Our Service

M-Way Consulting develops with your company a customized enterprise mobility management as the basis of a mobile strategy. The following elements should be taken into account:

To avoid fragmentation in the mobility sector, a universal mobile infrastructure should be established, which is the core of the mobile strategy. Using a Mobility Platform ensures that all company-relevant information can be processed on a mobile basis using the existing interfaces.
The administration of mobile devices in companies is part and parcel in a mobile strategy. Without a functioning mobile device management (MDM) the cost of the device management increases significantly and therefore the risk of security vulnerability.
A Mobile Application Management (MAM) provides control and security in the distribution, delivery and management of mobile applications in the enterprise. These requirements can be realized with an Enterprise App Store (EAS), which is linked to the rights and role framework of the device management system. Thereby, selected apps can be distributed to different employees. A suitable App Lifecycle Management supports the integration of apps into the existing mobile device management.
In order to transfer corporate information to mobile devices, they must be recorded, synchronized and controlled. These data are safely extended to the mobile space with a suitable mobile information management (MIM)
Providing access over mobile devices is a new challenge for many businesses. Therefore concepts for the safe use of mobile devices need to be created in the enterprise. In Addition, policies and guidelines are established which determine the handling of corporate data.

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