Mobile Security

Protect your corporate data
on mobile devices.

New challenges for IT security

With the advent of the use of mobile devices, many companies are facing new security challenges:

  • How do I protect my company data on mobile devices?
  • What impact does BYOD or COPE have on my security infrastructure?
  • How do I protect mobile devices from security attacks?
  • How do I teach my staff the safe use of mobile devices?
  • Which apps can be allowed for my staff on mobile devices?
Mobile Security

In order to ensure the safe use of mobile devices in business, an integrated security concept must be created. In addition to the security for smartphones and tablets, customized privacy policies, management of mobile applications and the use of a mobile device management (MDM) play an important role. Moreover, the introduction of appropriate mobile policies & guidelines is essential for the safe use of mobile devices. With the right mobile security strategy, company data is backed up and protected from external threats.

Our Service
  • Comprehensive advice about mobile security
  • Development of concepts for the safe use of
    mobile devices
  • Introduction of appropriate user policies
  • Assessment of privacy policies
  • Configuration of a mobile device management
  • Risk analysis & security audits
  • Workshops about mobile security and policies & guidelines

If you have any further questions about mobile security, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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