Mobile Policies & Guidelines

Tailored guidelines and policies for the
safe use of mobile devices.

Mobile Policies in companies

Mobile access to corporate data involves risks, not only because mobile devices get lost from time to time, but also because communication to the corporate network is exposed to several security vulnerabilities. An unsecured wireless local area network (WLAN) can quickly become a trap, also from unencrypted interfaces of back-end Web services. In order to protect against these risks, policies and guidelines are established which determine the handling of corporate data.

Working safely with mobile devices

The safe use when accessing data with mobile devices is an important factor of a mobile strategy. The compliance with regulations of the policies is essential. In order to respond in an emergency to a violation or loss, it requires pre-defined policies and guidelines. These rules manage what to do if you lose data, or which data is available in certain conditions. The Device & Application Management supplies the technical requirements, while the mobile policies are defined as policies in the company.

Unser Service
  • Policy Management
  • Planning and implementation of mobile policies & guidelines
  • Concepts for user policies & guidelines
  • Risk analysis & security tests
  • Integration of policies into business processes
  • Mobile policies & guidelines and security workshops

If you need additional assistance in the implementation of appropriate policies & guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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