Mobile Customer Enabling

Strengthen the expertise of your staff
by sharing best practices and ideas.

Skills and competence

Through customer enabling, companies can increase the skills of their employees. Using workshops, trainings and other qualification opportunities, the proficiency level of employees can be increased in the long term. Further development of the individual departments, in particular the IT department, reduces total operating costs through the use of proprietary solutions. This know-how remains within the company and promotes focused implementation of mobile projects.

Reduce costs for external services

Customers use the expertise of M-Way Consulting to reduce the costs of external service providers in the long term and to strengthen the know-how of its own employees. In our workshops, we convey basic information about current developments in the mobile market. Based on current trends, we show the history and future of technological developments and share our knowledge with your company's employees. Thanks to this increase in knowledge in the mobile sector, your employees will be perfectly prepared for the changeover to mobile processes and are always up to date.

Our Service
  • Enterprise Mobility Workshop
  • Mobile Security Workshop
  • Mobile Policies & Guidelines Workshop
  • Mobile Device Management Workshop
  • Training about Mobile Device Management-

If you have any further questions about workshops or trainings, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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