Business and integration consulting

Optimized integration consulting
for your infrastructure.

Business consulting

Our consulting services listen and respond to the requirements of your company or project and determine the best solution for you. We cover all functional and technical aspects of enterprise mobility: MDM, EAS, MEAP and cloud-based systems are part of the core areas of M-Way Consulting, as are functional domains like automotive industry, CRM and m-commerce.

Integration consulting

The integration of a mobile solution into an existing infrastructure can be challenging for both software and hardware projects. Therefore, the existing infrastructure of any mobile solution has to be analyzed first and an integration concept has to be created. M-Way Consulting supports your project in the integration of required interfaces and systems, as well as in the final hardware and software rollout. For instance, this could be a company-wide introduction of tablets or a complex integration of large SAP-based systems.

Our Service
  • Professional advice about all areas of Enterprise
  • Integration of mobile solutions into existing infrastructures
  • Supporting the conceptual design of mobile applications and processes
  • Advisory service in hardware and software rollouts

If you have any further questions about the integration of mobile solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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