Device & Application Management

Manage your mobile devices by
using a mobile device management.

Management of devices

The administration of mobile devices in companies is part and parcel in a mobile strategy. In addition to company-owned devices, the demand of employees rises to access corporate data with their private devices. This trend is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Using a mobile device management tablets, smartphones and laptops are securely integrated into the corporate IT. Without a functioning mobile device management (MDM) the cost of the device management increases significantly and therefore the risk of security vulnerability.

  • What are the advantages of each mobile device management?
  • Are all the interfaces standardized?
  • Is my data adequately secured?

An integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) ensures defined user behaviour by means of controlling and security mechanisms and minimizes security issues in the mobile environment.

Distribution of applications

A Mobile Application Management (MAM) provides control and security in the distribution, delivery and management of mobile applications in the enterprise. These requirements can be realized with an Enterprise App Store (EAS), which is linked to the rights and role framework of the device management system. Thereby, selected apps can be distributed to different employees. A suitable App Lifecycle Management supports the integration of apps into the existing mobile device management. In addition, company data is protected from misuse and unauthorized access.

Our Service
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  • Implementation of an enterprise app store
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