Highest security through manual app-security analyzes

Our IT security specialists are always up-to-date when it comes to app security gaps and therefore we offer the best possible test results. With manual app testing we can also offer significant advantages over competitors processes, who fail to cover all relevant security aspects with automated tests.

App Center

Enterprises aren't forced to develop their own apps. App stores are filled with apps for a lot of use cases – but do these consumer apps ensure corporate data security? The mTrust App Center provides you a business solution for using consumer apps without doubts about security and privacy.

App Testing

With the help of our proven procedure, we put your app to the test. Guarantee the best possible privacy level for all users of your app and protect critical customer data preemptively through our reliable app testing process. Enable mobile app security for you employees and customers.

App Certification

Our app certificate establishes optimal security awareness to potential clients. This enables you to increase the trust level and therefore increase the download numbers of your app substantially. Certify your app with mTrust and communicate a strong security awareness.

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