Enterprise Mobility Process

A flexible three-phase model for
the implementation of mobile solutions.

Phases of the Enterprise Mobility Process
The Enterprise Mobility Process features the phases Plan, Build and Run. Based on this three-phase model, existing business processes are analyzed and evaluated. M-Way Consulting provides complete support in all phases of the mobility process and accompanies the project to a successful conclusion.

Agile project procedure
Our advice is tailored to your individual customer needs. Through the use of agile methods, changes in the project can be implemented at any time. It is not necessary to pass through the complete phase model of the mobility process, so you can get specific customized solutions from our consultants. Adjustment of the concept is possible at every stage.

The planning phase includes an intensive analysis of your infrastructure requirements and workflows, as well as of benchmarks for solutions. Our experienced consultants plan and design the specific, customized solutions and integrate them into the existing company landscape. M-Way Consulting also assumes project management for the implementation of your mobile strategy. Further, specific timelines are created with work packages – from the definition of milestones to the final go-live. After completing the specification phase, our consultants assist you throughout the rest of the project. The implementation of the solution is adapted to customer requirements and is embedded within several iterations. During the whole project, as many opportunities and potentials as possible are exploited in order to develop a high-quality solution with you.

In the development phase, the resulting strategy is accompanied by the project management up to the implementation of solutions. The integration into your existing hardware and software landscape is guaranteed in order to achieve optimal integration with your systems. Questions about device management, application development and other mobile issues can be discussed directly with our Mobile Consultants. After development, the solution is subjected to an intensive quality testing and prepared for use.
New requests can be quite expensive depending on the project phase. Therefore, we pursue in an agile development approach, thanks to which we can respond to new and changing requirements. This method runs through multiple iterations in which all functions can be defined. For our project work, we apply different process models (e.g. Kanban or Scrum) by optimizing the project plan constantly. In addition, we ensure maximum transparency so that any problems can be quickly discovered and alleviated.

M-Way Consulting offers an all-in-one package. Therefore, the company will not be left alone after the launch and acceptance of the solutions. After the development phase, we continue giving advice and support. Our trained support staff, as well as the Mobile Consultants will provide extensive personal support.
This important pillar of the run phase includes workshops and training for employees. Whether in-house IT staff, users, or C-level – all parties who work with the solutions will be trained so that they can handle the new processes quickly and efficiently. By means of Customer Enabling, we ensure that your business benefits from mobile processes as fast as possible with establishing your in-house know-how in the long term.

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